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Are your garage doors making weird noises? Is the garage door old and worn out so you

need a replacement? Dented and damaged garage doors? We have the perfect solution. As

the leading providers of garage door repair in Carmel IN, 1st Choice garage door repair

Indianapolis is known for quality services. We work in close coordination with our teams to

ensure that all jobs that we work on are completed to your satisfaction. We are experts

when it comes to installation, repair and replacements of garage doors and hardware,

including openers. Our team of garage door specialists work on all types and sizes of doors,

so you can hire our services, next time your garage doors are damaged and need repairs.

Working with 1st Choice Garage Door Repair Indianapolis is easy. We not only offer quality

services, but all our services are very affordable. We know that garage doors are important

for your security and that is why we have immediate response team that is dispatched with

the needed equipment to work on your doors.

Quality services at cost effective prices

With a team of courteous, trained and professional technicians that are a pleasure to work

with, we get hundreds of referrals every year. Years of experience counts and we have

learnt a lot about the working of the automated doors. That is why we are able to diagnose

and repair issues quickly. When you need to replace garage doors, we do it as needed. The

most common concerns that we cater to include:

 Broken springs

 Misaligned/bent tracks replacements

 Installation of new garage doors

 Garage door opener install/repair

 Replace broken cables and rollers

 Cleaning and maintenance of garage doors

As one of the top listed Carmel IN service, we have worked on all types of doors and its

related openers. Whether you need automated doors or insulated ones, we have a range of

garage doors available for installation. Call us today to get a free quote on the repairs or

new installation of garage doors in Carmel.

After you accept our quote, we walk you through the complete repair process. Our

technicians are well-versed in the nuances of garage door repair and work swiftly and

efficiently to complete it as quickly as possible. We carry all our tools and related

equipment, so that all repairs can be done at the same visit.

Why work with us?

With personalized services and many styles of quality doors, select from a range of wood to

steel. And if you need any repairs on the old doors, it is our guarantee that you won’t be

able to know where it was repaired. Dents, scratches and even sudden car impact can leave

the door looking dull and damaged. We work effectively to make sure your garage doors

look like new again. Here are some more reasons to work with us:

 Insured and bonded

 Licensed and certified service

 Better Business Bureau accredited

 Skilled and trained staff

 24/7 emergency services

 Fully equipped mobile workshops

As a licensed, insured and bonded service 1st Choice Garage Door Repair Indianapolis is a

company that has a good standing in the industry. We offer 24/7 assistance and in case of

an emergency anywhere in Indianapolis, our team will be at your doorstep within an hour.

Our crew is dedicated and professional and understands all aspects of the working of the

garage doors. Unlike standard doors, garage doors have a lot of electronic and heavy

components that lend a layer of security to your vehicles and home. From automated doors

that use sensors to broken springs, cables, seals and rollers, we have a lot going through

the day. We know that each broken item on your garage door needs to be replaced and

again be in perfect working condition. That is why we ensure same day garage door repair

in Carmel IN.

However, we would like to caution you about trying to repair these heavy doors on your

own. We do not recommend it because they are heavy and need to be balanced with

commercial grade equipment. Additionally, if you don’t understand the working of a garage

door, you might end up damaging it further. If they slip from your grasp, the injuries are

very severe. It is affordable to work with 1st Choice Garage Door Repair Indianapolis as we

understand the exact problem and repair it quickly. There are no hidden charges and we

don’t charge you an additional fee for emergency repairs.

We have stringent privacy and confidentiality agreements and our staff adheres to it. Our

technicians are professionals that work diligently and with care, so that there is no issue

with the job that is completed. Call us now to discuss your garage door problems and we’ll

dispatch a garage door repair in Carmel IN team within the next few minutes.