Garage Doors Repair Plainfield IN

Professional Garage Doors Repair Plainfield IN

Garage Door Repair Plainfield IN

In-home service that is affordable isn’t a part of your past, because at 1st Choice Garage

Door Repair Indianapolis, we work seamlessly to offer you doorstep services. Our customers

expect what we always offer them – dedicated team of licensed professionals, quality

workmanship and quick service. Working as the local garage door specialists for over a

decade, we know what it takes to become #1 service in the city. And all of the services that

we offer are low priced to meet all budgets. It has been a pleasure to offer cutting edge

technology embedded garage doors along with high quality service.

Why work with us?

Our customers rely on Garage Door Repair Plainfield IN technicians that are employed

at 1st Choice Garage Door Repair Indianapolis. They know that we employ the best in the

industry. All technicians are local to Plainfield have been selected on the basis of their

experience and caliber. Each of the technician has undergone years of training and still

attend workshops to know the latest styles and innovations in the garage door industry.

We are your local garage door repairs company and consider us as your one stop service for

all garage door related needs. From installing overhead garage doors to changing the hinges

ad tracks, replacing seals, we do just about everything. Working with a team of dynamic

technicians, we know that anybody cannot do it, because we employ commercial grade,

heavy duty equipment and tools to complete the job professionally.

Full range of garage door services

Our technicians offer quality services because we treat your home, just the way we do our

own. Professional, courteous and reliable services are the mainstay of our company. From

residential to industrial and commercial grade garage doors we work on all of them. Some

of the common problems that we encounter include:

 Squeaky doors

 Loose hinges

 Broken lift cables/wiring and springs

 Torsion springs

 Misaligned tracks

 Garage door opener malfunction

 Door reversals on hitting floor

 Garage door motor malfunction

 Doors won’t close/open

 Installing keypad

 Opener remote reprogram

We work on a large variety of garage doors including hi-lift steel garage doors, carriage

house doors to rolling garage doors and any other custom specific garage door that you

may have. As compared to any other garage door specialists, we have many more years of

experience in installation, repairs and replacement of varied sizes and styles of garage


At 1st Choice Garage Door Repair Indianapolis service, we only hire experienced and licensed

garage door repair Plainfield IN technicians. This ensures that they understand all

aspects of the job. To keep them on the same page as changing technology, we hold

workshops and training on digital and electronic components of the doors. They are well-

versed not just on changing panels and replacing the track, but are knowledgeable about all

aspects of the garage doors. They are able to advice any customer that isn’t sure about the

right garage door to install. Only an experienced and aesthetically sound garage door

specialist would be able to do that.

Complete professional technicians at your service

Each garage door repair Plainfield IN specialist is insured, bonded and licensed apart

from having the background checked before hiring them. Our teams are just a call away and

serve the heart of the city to the suburbs ensuring that your vehicles are safe at all times.

Call us today and get doorstep services at the most affordable prices. We are a no-frill

service and work on low margins which makes us extremely customer friendly. If you are

looking for a quick quote, we offer 30-day quote after we do the evaluation so you have

enough time to make up your mind about our company’s offer.

We never overcharge and we are never going to do that. We only charge for the hardware

and the workmanship costs and that is going to be the policy. From repairing the damage of

a teen at the wheel bashing the doors to dry rot and peeling paint, we do it all with equal

ease. We have the techniques, technology and the skilled staff to help you with installation

of new and reused doors. Though we try to work on the doors at your site, if there is a

bigger problem that would need higher skill sets or a part that we don’t have, we will be

back with it the same day or the next day.

Give us a call today to know more about our specialized services, prices and get a FREE

quote today. You may browse the wide selection of garage doors we stock and if you’d like

any of those installed, please call us now. From repairs to complete replacements and new

installations, there are many aspects of the garage door service that we cater to. Let us

evaluate the condition of the doors today.