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When you have automated or even manual garage doors, wear and tear leads to variety of

issues that only a professional can rectify. If your garage doors are stuck or are making

weird noises when you open or close it or the motor keeps running even after the door

closes, you need to call in 1st Choice Garage Door Repair Indianapolis service.

Affordable and quality service

We are one of the leading garage door repair service in Zionsville IN and from business

owners to industrial units, everyone needs our services. Our teams work seamlessly

together to offer complete range of garage door services to the residents, businesses and

industrial units in and around Zionsville. When it is about installation, repairs and

replacements on the doors, just call in 1st Choice Garage Door Repair Indianapolis service.

Regardless of whether your garage door opener isn’t working or the doors aren’t working, it

is best not to try and repair it on your own.

These are heavy doors that require a couple of men and some heavy duty equipment to

balance after they are taken off the hinges. Trying to do it on your own can result in injuries

that maybe fatal in some instances, as the door can fall on you. At our company, the

garage door repair in Zionsville IN experts that we work with not only understand the

nuances of the garage door functioning but are fully equipped at all times to handle all sorts

and styles of doors.

Emergency and standard garage door service

With constant monitoring and supervision of the crew working on your garage doors, we

update you on the progress. We know that the doors can malfunction anytime and our

quality and quick response team of emergency technicians is always ready to serve your

needs. If you think hiring such professional services are expensive, you’ll need to think

again. This is because we are one of the most affordable garage door repairs in

Zionsville IN service as we are no frill service with low overheads. That is why we are a

notch above the rest. Some of the services we provide are:

 Replacement of broken torsion springs

 Install new garage doors- any size, style and shape

 Track replacements- bent, misaligned, broken

 Repair rollers

 Replace seals, damaged cables

 Maintenance/service of garage doors

We usually do not recommend replacing garage doors unless it is damaged beyond repair

because we know that they are expensive. We do not unnecessarily put the financial strain

on the customers just to make a sale. Our company and technicians are part and parcel of

the community at Zionsville, and are among your neighbors. We know that excellent

customer care goes a long way in ensuring that the business prospers. 1st Choice Garage

Door Repair Indianapolis service is among the best in the city due to the hard work and

dedicated service of our employees. We respect them.

This is reason that we have excellent testimonials from the past customers and innumerable

references throughout the year. It shows the level of quality service we provide and assures

our potential customers about the excellent service they would get. When you really need to

get the garage doors changed, we’d let you know. Whether you get the new doors installed

by our efficient technicians or hire another service, please consider that replacements are

needed when the garage door is beyond repair. And getting them repaired by professional

technicians is more affordable and fits within your budget.

Why work with 1st Choice Garage Door Repair Indianapolis service?

We offer personalized services at your doorstep. Whether it is residential doors or

commercial garage door installation and repair, we do it all. Here are some reasons to call in

our technicians:

 Licensed and insured technicians

 Skilled, experienced crew

 24/7 emergency garage door

 Fleet of mobile vans as workshops

 Accreditation by Better Business Bureau

And there is so much more. Call us now and get a free quote on your installations,

replacements and for repairs, we’ll send out a team to do quick evaluation on your

requirements. We stock some of the best brands of garage doors including insulated,

automated and traditional wooden doors.

If your doors are damaged, call us. Our technicians will do a quick evaluation and offer you

with a written quote on the total cost. There are no hidden charges and we work within your

budget at the most affordable prices. Are you surprised? Call us to know more about it. Our

mobile workshops and technicians arte spread out in the city are usually working at different

places. If you have an emergency requirement, call us and we’ll ensure that there is a

licensed and certified technician to assist you within a few minutes.

Our customer care policies and after-sales service is par excellence. Check out reviews,

testimonials and get the service at your doorstep to see the difference. Our team is waiting

to assist you. Call now!